Carioca, born on July 20th 1974 and raised in countryside of Minas Gerais. She started to develop her own alphabet when she was 7 years-old, in order to hide the things she wrote. In the year 2000, she became a mother. She studied Law and Marketing, and has a post-grad degree in Portfolio granted by ESPM and is currently studying Education.

She has travelled through the paths of fashion, tourism and finances, until she found her true calling. Today she is a writer, cultural producer and creative director of the independent audiovisual producing company DOM Produções Criativas. She signs the artistic production of Banda B, Natasha Falcão and Enrico Manfio.

When she has the time, she is the doll Poupée Nik from the band Mon Cher and a junior designer at her family’s small fashion brand Dominique Magalhães is known by her nickname: Dom.


The writer

Since she was a child, Dominique Magalhães has liked to change the dialogs and endings of soap operas. She used to turn daily situations into ludic tales. Having her own style, she considers some words so important that she only allows herself to write them in capital letters.

Her taste for stories disguised as content resulted in the creation of DOM Produções Criativas, independent producing company focused on branded content.

In her first published book "What is missing for you to be happy?", she tells through her own stories and the Dom Method, her own road to happiness. Translated until now into 4 languages, the book was on Brazil’s best-seller list and was released at the world’s largest literary fairs, including the Book Fairs of Frankfurt, London, Paris and São Paulo.

Still getting used to the title of writer, she considers herself “simply a creative person holding a pencil”.

She’s currently preparing the following works and audiovisual projects:

“No Luggage”, based on Danuza Leão’s travelling books and inspired by the movie “Julie & Julia”. A woman waging a personal war between letting go and consumerism, decides to travel in search of self-knowledge.

“Celtics and Druids”, doc drama based on a year of research and documentation about the Celtic culture, directed by Bruno Garcia.

“e.v.a.” – Archetypes of Emotional Violence – profound analysis about the origins and the problems in relationships, the need for Self Love and freedom through Sovereignty. Through the approaches on the Matriarchy as seen in historical theories, the author correlates the archetypes Eve, Lilith and Morgana, therefore bringing a possible understanding and resolution of the symbolic character of guilt, fear and egocentrism in current human relationships. Discover the meaning of “E.v.a Syndrome”.

Creations and works


In the Media

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The project is Dom Produções Criativas’ social responsibility branch and has the goal of guiding a larger number of people, through its platforms.

  • Understand Gifts.
  • Develop talents.
  • Share callings.

The website “Which is your Gift?” is one of the platforms created in order to foster personal knowledge on the pertinent area, be means of audiovisual pills.

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